Links vom 19.09.2013

Meine Linkempfehlungen vom 19.09.2013:

  • Beyond citations – measuring the societal impact of research – Kurzweiliges Interview mit Altmetric auf CiteAb.
  • Open Access: Freier Zugang zu Forschungsergebnissen – Kurzes Interview mit Lambert Heller über die Entwicklungen des Open Access-Publizierens im Wissenschaftsbereich. Entstanden im Rahmen der OER-Konferenz mit werkstatt.bpb.
  • Research Data Alliance Second Plenary – Webcasts für das Research Data Alliance Second Plenary Meeting (16.-18.09.2013).

    Videos leider nur in Flash.

  • Negative data – So true: Negative Data is still data. Publish it! (for everyone's sake)
  • Sharing Research Data—New figshare For Institutions – Keine großartigen Neuigkeiten, aber ein lesenswerter Abriß zu figshare und Mark Hahnel. Zum Tragen kommt allerdings besonders figshare's Angebot an Institutionen.

    "figshare is one of a number of organizations addressing the challenge of managing research data. Thomson Reuters has convened a Forum of industry experts—and Hahnel is a member—to discuss issues and potential solutions for the scholarly challenges ahead. It published its first output in a recent whitepaper titled “Unlocking the Value of Research Data,” where Forum experts discuss the complexity of the issue and offer recommendations for the future. The Forum recommends creating a consortium of publishers and associations to develop standards that will guide new modes of communicating and sharing data. To get an idea of the scope of the issue, the press release noted that, “The volume of scholarly and scientific research data available is projected to grow by a factor of 44 over the decade from 2010 to 2020, from 0.8 zetabytes (ZB) to more than 35 ZB (1 ZB = 1 trillion gigabytes).”